Oliver Jones – USTA Nationals 2011

Welcome to Smarter Tennis – a website created to help educate players on the importance of racquet science

My name is Oliver Jones, founder and creator of SmarterTennis.org.

I first picked up a racket when i was 8 years old – my mother would take me to the courts for a weekly clinic in my hometown of Macclesfield, England, and at that point, tennis was just a game like any other.  I played tournaments, took some lessons from the local pro and was a competent junior player growing up.  But it wasn’t until college that my passion for the game started to emerge.  At that point i had no inclination to join the team – i had been accepted into the prestigious London School of Economics Law School, and felt that i had two large hurdles in front of me: 1 – there’s no way i would be good enough to make the squad, and 2 – how would i have time to train even if i did.  Well i went along to trials anyway and managed to sneak on the team.  During that year though, something special happened – i recognized the unique opportunity i had been given and committed myself to getting better, to being the best player i could be.

I climbed my way from bottom of the team into the Top 6 – our team made the National Playoffs, and while we didn’t win, i knew i wanted more.  My dedication to the team had been noted and (with the help of a few seniors leaving) in my second year i was offered the Captain position for the First Team, an honour never before given to a Sophomore.   There was no looking back from there, and in my final year we lifted the British University and College Sports National Title.

Tennis was in my blood.

Having graduated Law School, i traveled to Melbourne, Australia where i would live for 6 months to play money tournaments and train at Grace Park Lawn Tennis Club and Melbourne Park (the site of The Australian Open). Grace Park offered another turning point for me, a club that has given rise to more Grand Slam winners than any club in the world.  There i would realize the importance of practicing hard work and commitment day in and day out.  Role models like Myekal Benham, and Terry Stone were a constant reminder that effort pays off in the long run.

Off – court i started learning the principles of racket customization at the pro level. i was introduced to Novak Djokovic’s personal stringer and under his pupillage, i learned the fundamentals of racket science and why it is that professionals use very different equipment from those found on the shelves of your local tennis shop.  As a captivated student, i absorbed myself in this underrated part of the game and worked with him over several months to perfect my own rackets.  Then it dawned on me that it was time for this type of bespoke customization to evolve to the broader tennis community.

Using the knowledge i had learned in Australia, i completed my Master Racket Technician Certification here in the USA, and have taken on the personal responsibility to educate clients on the importance of playing with the right equipment that will not only complement your game, but help ensure you can continue playing for many years.

I now reside in Newtown Square, PA, in the suburbs of philadelphia, where i play USTA matches and local Men’s Tournaments

While i am constantly striving to learn more – I have already had the fortune to see sport from several important angles: as a player, as a coach, and from the business side (athlete representation).

As a player, I was a competent junior player and ultimately led my University team to a National Title in 2008. As a coach, I have over 10 years experience from all over the world, from teaching pee-wees to traveling on the tour at the highest level of the game. From the business side of the sport, in 2012 i worked for Global sports marketing agency, Octagon, working closely with their athlete teams representing players including Grigor Dimitrov, Martina Hingis and Elena Dementieva.I believe this gives me a unique perspective on the game and a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the sport.