My philosophy towards life – personified through Tennis


Hard Work and Dedication

The great painter Michelangelo said “If people knew how hard i had to work to gain my mastery; it would not seem so wonderful at all”

As a society we are quick to label people as “natural talents” or “naturally gifted”.  When we do this, however, we take away from the discipline, focus, and commitment it takes to achieve this seemingly effortless excellence.  Some of the greatest athletes, composers, and artists that we are quick to label in such a way, when we look a little closer, all share the same hard work and commitment to their trade, and 10,000 hours of dedicated practice

It is these hours of focused practice that hone skills to create “talent”

Once we recognize this philosophy, the impact can be extremely powerful

David Ferrer Wallpaper
David Ferrer


Mental Toughness

The mind is a tennis players greatest weapon, yet it is often overlooked, as we often prefer to congratulate someone on their “big forehand” or “monster serve”.  Tennis players, like fighters, are unique in that they are alone on the battlefield.  Each opponent brings new challenges, and thus a new puzzle to solve, yet the tennis player must look to himself to solve it.

Thus, if one can build strength in the mind, an ability to adapt to ever changing conditions, and a calm and focused mentality, you will have built a great weapon.

Like a forehand or serve, the “Optimal Mind”, must be worked on every day

“Nothing on earth can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” – Thomas Jefferson

Rafael Nadal

Proper Nutrition

If you want your body to perform extraordinary dynamic movements on a tennis court, you must also acknowledge the importance of proper nutrition.  Your body is your most important piece of equipment and it deserves the greatest care and attention you can give it.

Thoughts, feelings, movements all start in the mind and are sent down an intricate set of electronic branches known as the nervous system.  In this way the body is in constant communication with itself.  In order to perform at your optimal level, this communication must be free flowing and unimpeded.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of this communication

Novak Djokovic -  1 (3)
Novak Djokovic

Proper Equipment

I offer customized stringing and a bespoke racquet customisation service

Despite marketing executives trying their best to promote otherwise, professionals do not use rackets off the store shelf.

Almost all player rackets are customized, specifically tailored to their needs and specifications


In essence, because they understand that no one hits exactly the same way as anyone else, so why should your racket be the same

Having the proper equipment is and extremely underrated part of the game, yet can prove to have significant impacts in performance.

Not only that, but some modern day rackets (stiff frames, head heavy balance, lightweight..) can be very harmful to the user.  While they may appear on the surface to play easier, they are quietly sending exaggerated shocks to your wrist and shoulder, often leading to injuries including (but no limited to..) the famous “Tennis Elbow”.

No matter your level, I can work with you on an individual basis to customize your racket to suit your specific game

For more information on this bespoke service feel free to email me –