Whether you are a touring pro, tournament junior, or club player, my philosophy is the same: I want to help you play better, and play longer

No matter what your goals are in the sport, proper racquet customisation will allow you to play better, more efficient tennis, and help prevent repetitive stress injuries that threaten to curtail your career

I am a Master Racquet Technician certified by the United States Racquet Stringers Association.  I have customised racquets at the pro level and studied under some of the best raquet technicians in the world

Bespoke Racquet Customisation

This personalised racquet service begins with a 30 minute consultation. Together we will discuss and design a setup to suit your goals – perhaps you want more stability on ground strokes, or more “pop” on the serve, or perhaps you’re trying to get rid of pain in your wrist/arm.  We will cover the basics of racquet science, how certain elements can specifically help your game, and how we will approach making your equipment more efficient.   No matter your goal, we will outline a framework to achieve these objectives.

From there, we begin the process of customising and playtesting until we arrive at the optimal setup.  Initially, I will generate a prototype, which will act as our base model.  Then using this as a foundation, we will make adjustments and changes depending on the feedback you give me from playtesting.   These adjustments will get progressively more subtle as we get closer to the final product.  This process can take several days, or several months, depending on how often you play and our specific objectives.  Ultimately we will arrive on a set of specifications unique to you.  These can then be used to match and balance additional racquets, or to provide a benchmark when looking for new raquets.

Over time, with wear and tear, raquets can lose mass, and become off balance.  So this service covers the racquet for the lifetime of the frame.  Once covered, you may drop your racquet in for a tune-up anytime, free of charge.

For additional information on this program please email me at oliver@smartertennis.org

Bespoke Racquet Customisation Service: $65 per Racquet 


Racquet Matching

All rackets are built in “batches” on the production line from the manufacture.  These batches have certain requirements and stipulations for weight and balance including a margin for error for these qualities as a quality control measure.  Despite these measures, very rarely are two rackets built exactly the same.  [This is so especially when you purchase one racquet from one “batch”, and another one (maybe a year later) which will have come from another production line batch.]  This means that although you may have two or three (seemingly) identical racquets, they are all in fact, different.  This difference can come in weight (how heavy the racquet is) or balance (how the weight is distributed) and also alter the swingweight (rotational intertia).

In order to be sure that each racquet is the same, they need to be matched and balanced.

Once rackets are matched and balanced,a player can alternate rackets knowing that (ceteris paribus) the next one will feel the same and yield the same sensations.

This also allows players to experiment with different tensions and strings, with the confidence that any changes are the product of the string changes themselves, and not because of any differences in the racquet.

I will personally match and balance your racquets to the specifications of your favourite particular frame.  This service matches weight, balance and swingweight so that you can rest assured that each racquet frame is the same.

Racquet Matching and Balancing Service: $15 per racquet