Welcome To Smarter Tennis!

Welcome to Smarter Tennis, and thank you for visiting the new website

The idea for this started several years ago when i returned from living and training in Australia.

Over the course of my time there, i learned more and more about the science of racquets and the nature of the physical collision when a tennis ball hits the strings.  It started out with the goal simply to elevate my own game, but as i learned more, i realised that this knowledge had much greater implications.

I had the fortune to study with one of the best racquet technicians in the world who strung for top pros like Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick and Li Na.  As we continued, i started to feel ever more strongly that the principles behind the changes that top professionals were making to their racquets could be brought to the club and junior level.

I recognised that these principles covered a dichotomous objective of not only of hitting the ball with more power and control, but also to decrease the shock and other negative forces that disseminate into the shoulder, wrist and arm after impact which are a constant threat to injury.

My goal with this site is to educate students, coaches and players (and really anyone who will listen) about the importance of the proper weight distribution in racquets and the many positive effects it can have on your game and long term health.

I will be looking to update the site as much as possible, and adding blog posts related to tennis/racquet science when i can.

Let me know if you have any feedback – i would love to hear from you





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